Common Core: What Does It Mean for Parents

November 23rd, 2022 by admin Leave a reply »

So far, the teachers I’ve talked to express more resignation regarding the common core standards than anything else. In the case of my oldest daughter’s school, the teachers of AP courses are expected to work completely without a syllabus of any kind and are mostly winging it and creating their own as they go.

When I asked for specifics, I was told there are none and was shown the Common Core guidelines website which only contains concept goals tied to specific grade levels and nothing more.

The idea of having a common standard is a good one, but as far as I can tell so far our execution of the process towards reaching those goals within Idaho school systems is haphazard at best.

An interesting item I was told by the school administration recently: Some schools are pushing more children into AP courses because those AP courses (scholastically speaking) are the closest to achieving the Common Core goals simply because Idaho is so far behind. I’m told that those AP classes will eventually become the new standard which will hopefully mean that Idaho Schools will no longer be ranked in the bottom 5 states in the nation.

We hear news accounts of “Common Core” forcing schools to teach skewed philosophy and changing the direction of learning, but in the cases I’ve actually read, that was already happening in those schools before Common Core and the people behind it were simply the people already in charge within that state/local school system. It seems to be mostly people who were already pushing an agenda were simply using Common Core as the scapegoat when their particular plans to manipulate the curriculum backfired.


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